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             SEVILLE, Spain

Sept 24

We hopped aboard the Train to Seville with Dick and Pam from Aliesha. The train was only 6 months old, modern and comfortable. It was a 2 hour ride with various stops between speeds up to 145 kms.

Departed from the train and walked a few blocks to the old Santa Cruz district, which is Seville's old Jewish Quarter. Spanish Jews were forced out of Spain in the 15th century in the wake of the Inquisition. The romantic area of the Old City kept us captivated with its charming architecture.

We passed the elaborate Seville University....

...then explored the tangle of whitewashed alleyways and patios, with balconies of potted geraniums, and wrought iron grills and gates.

Everywhere were ornate facades, testament to the great wealth that flowed into the city from the New World in the 16th century.

Seville Cathedral and
La Giralda Great Mosque

Magnificent facade of Puerto del Bautismo entrance to Cathedral

We turned a corner and were blown away by the sight of the cavernous Gothic Cathedral with its landmark tower, La Giralda with its Mosque minaret built in the 12th century. A Bronze weathervane portraying Faith adorns the top of the tower. Alongside was the Alcazar, once residence of Muslim and Christian royalty from 913, but the long lineup and charge for entrance caused us to give exploring the inside a miss.

We walked to the newer district of El Arenal home to the Port of Seville. Here lies the city's bullring, Plaza de Toros de la Maestanza, one of the oldest bullrings in Spain.

 The riverfront is dominated by the 13th century Moorish Torre del Oro reached by a tree lined promenade along the River Guadalquivar.


We walked and walked taking in all the historic sights. Finally our feet were about to give out so we boarded the "Hop On" Bus to fill in the gaps of any sights that we may have missed.

Pictured here is Dick & Pam on the bus crossing a very unusual bridge over the Guadalquivar River.

Archivo de Indias built as an merchant exchange are now where the documents of Spain's conquests are kept.

  The Open Air bus drove along orange tree lined streets. These trees bear the famous Seville oranges that are exported to the UK to make marmalade. We also ventured across the river to the newer area with modern highrises and busy streets.



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