CHRISTMAS in Nai Harn,  PHUKET                                                                                                     


December 23

We moved Ascension north to Nai Harn Bay where the anchorage was already crowded with a number of cruisers  gathered to celebrate Christmas together.

We were delighted to find Nai Harn a protected bay in front of a relatively quiet stretch of sandy beach. The Phuket Yacht Club, a very upscale hotel, bordered the beach which had the usual abundance of beach umbrellas. Ashore there was an adequate spot for beach landing the dinghy.

Chris comes for a Visit

December 24   We picked Chris and his friend Craig up at the airport in our rental jeep and returned to Nai Harn in time for the Cruisers' Christmas Party.

The party was held at a little restaurant on the beach adjacent to Nai Harn. We found our reserved table (with some interesting spelling as is the Thai way..) It was wonderful to be with Chris again after a year's separation.

We had drinks and dinner followed by entertainment with a band playing lots of old hits.

It wasn't long before there was some serious table dancing going on!

I tried to get my son to dance with his ol' mom but was met with much resistance.

Perhaps he is just a chair dancer.

He finally succumbed to my persuasive persistence!

Christmas Day 2006

Ascension was decorated for Thai Christmas, complete with little wooden elephants hanging from the tree. A Merry Christmas greeting in Thai was strung across the boat and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

We opened our gifts in our swimmers. It was already in the 90 deg. F range outside.


After breakfast we headed over to Gone with the Wind for a fun Christmas Day of eating, drinking, gift exchanges and games.

Chris & Craig met our cruising friends and we enjoyed drinks before a fabulous lunch buffet.

We didn't mind doing kitchen duty in such a huge modern galley.

Gift Grab

The Mrs. Claus(es) gather the gifts for the Santa Gift Exchange where numbers are drawn to determine order of gift choice. But watch out. Everyone is allowed to trade or steal your choice!

Liam draws and gets to pick his gift first.

He mauled and rattled every package before making his decision.

Finally after everyone had their turn at choosing a gift and the presents all ran the gamut of exchange, trading, stealing (and hiding) we all opened our packets.

Gifts were interesting including  a puppet for Chris,  a neck vibrator for Liam, and a new home for my dolphin clock!!!

Swim Competition

Next the underwater swim competition. This contest was for the guys only and the object was to see who could swim the furthest underwater without taking
a breath.

The boys lined up on the deck, countdown began...
Ready, set, GO

Liam was an uncontested winner.
After all, it was his challenge!

Oz vs NZ

Anchored next to us was Balvenie. Someone got the idea that GWTW should sport their New Zealand flag.

So Liam swam over and silently crept onto Balvenie while Mark and Amanda were on board in the cabin.

Successful in their crime, they blatantly swam back waving the ill gotten flag. GWTW's Aussie flag was replaced with the New Zealand one and bets were on as to how long it would take to be discovered!

Golf Tourney

Mischief done, it was time for the Golf Tournement. Preparations were made to set up the green complete with tee on the deck of GWTW.  Annie and Liam had full sets of clubs and equipment on board. Everyone took a turn to see who could drive the tennis ball off the foredeck furthest.

Gord swings..
a near miss!

Ginny's ball bounces off the foredeck into the water!

Annie wears her gloves but complains she needs her golf shoes!

High expectations for a long shot from Liam.

But Craig blows everyone away with the record shot that disappears into the glowing sunset.

December 26

A lazy day recuperating. That afternoon we sailed the boat to Kata Beach for a change of pace.






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